snail farming as an investment

Do you know that with snail farming you can quit your job and get a real life and stop all those ‘yes sir’ for the boss you are doing by investing in snail farming. But before you quit your job lets get you into how its done. This kind of farming does not have any complication so any fool can do I mena any fool can do it, you might be asking yourself that why any fool this is because since I can do it I belief that any fool can do it .

             Edible land snails range in size from about one millimeter long to the giant African snails, which occasionally grow up to 312mm (1 foot) in length. "Escargot" most commonly refers to either Helix aspersa or to Helix pomatia, although other varieties of snails are eaten. Achatina fulica, a giant African snail, is sliced and canned and passed off on some consumers as escargot. Terms such as "garden snail" or "common brown garden snail" are rather meaningless since they refer to so many types of snails, but they sometimes mean H. aspersa.

If you are really thinking about going into snail farming you will be surprised at the result of your decision though snail farming requires patience because their growth are not as fast as that of other animals which is part of what makes it to be highly demanded for in the market today. 

You can do snail farming as small as getting three to four snails at your backyard or you can even go commercial breeding up to about six thousand snails in your farm. This website is here to encourage you to go into snailfarming without fear we are here to feed you with information that can make you succeed in this line of farming but i will have to repeat to you that it requires patience.
So feel free read and digest what we have for you here.

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