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Another beauty in snail farming is that their foods are readily available around us. Snail eats different varieties of food ranging from tubers to leaves and vegetable fruits, supplements and so on, virtually everything eaten by humans except the salted ones, most species of snail seem to prefer cucumber, lettuce, peppers and sweetcorn., there is no problem feeding them with that except that the nutrients in them cannot be compare with what the derive from other vegetables, so it is good to mix there food. There are some foods that are not advisable to feed your snails example are onions, processed food such as pasta.

Leaves and Vegetables

Snail feeds on leaves a lot because they are herbivorous the following leaves can be very useful in feeding your snail, leaves of pawpaw, banana, sweet potato, cassava , cocoyam they also feed on vegetable such as okra, lettuce, pumpkin, cabbage, water leave, spinach, garden eggs and all green vegetable that can be consumed by human are what the eat. Even its possible for you to have a plantation with your snail farming business, this will ease the stress of looking for food all around.

Snail Feeding on grass/ Snail farming

Fruits and Tubers

The following fruits can also help in the growth of your snails examples are banana, pawpaw, mango, eggplant, pear, oil palm, fig, tomato, nectarine melon, peach, plums, avocado, cucumber and all edible fruits. Fruits are usually rich in minerals and vitamins, but low in protein. They also eat tuber like cocoyam, cassava, yam, sweet potato and plantain. Tubers are a good source of carbohydrates, though low in protein. (Cassava should be the low-cyanide type).

Snail Feeding on grass/ Snail farming


The following supplements can be given to your snails.
Supplementary vitamins which can also be derived from sunflower and copra cake (vitamin D), wheat germ, lettuce and other vegetables (vitamin E), cabbage and African spinach (vitamin K).  Supplementary calcium. If the calcium present in the soil you are using, supplementary calcium will be needed. This can be provided by sprinkling powdered oyster or snail shells or ground limestone onto leafy vegetables. Supplementary minerals which can be derived by placing licking stones containing the mineral in the pen then water. Clean water should be available to the snails at all times.

How and When to feed your snail

Snails in their natural environments are nocturnal animals, hiding during the day and coming out at night to feed. Their main feeding time starts from around two hours after Sunset and also early in the morning. For best results you should not put snail feed in the pens before nightfall. Uneaten snail food should be removed from the pens daily so that it will not attract vermin and/or diseases. In order to ease your cleaning your snail farm when you want to remove the left overs you can put the snail food on a flat dish, a concrete slab, or an oil drum lid, placed within the pen.

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